The Four Pillars of Learning

Early Childhood Learning and Development

  • Parents are engaged and empowered to support their children’s learning
  • Communties have parental support networks and learning envrionments
  • Ensure that communities offer various learning activities to preschool children (learning portfolio, information booklet)

Literacy and Education

  • Significantly increase basic literacy skills among the population.
  • Achieve above the national average on secondary school tests (PISA or others)
  • Better target children early on in the education system who are most likely to face the greatest challenges
  • Encourage New Brunswickers to push themselves to achieve high levels of literacy

Learning and Prosperity

  • Ensure a qualified workforce to meek labour market needs and
    economic development opportunities.
  • Significantly expand experiential learning opportunities, apprenticeships, internships, international exchange, coop programs, leadership, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Increase the percentage of working age citizens participating in the workforce.
  • New Brunswick employers are leaders across Canada for their focus on workplace learning including the development of essential skills in the workplace.

Learning Communities

  • Municipalities/Communities becoming learning communities with a steering committee, learning champions and community learning facilitators.
  • Municipal governments are leading efforts to promote a culture of learning in their communities.
  • Local Learning Agendas are developed.
  • Learning is promoted and celebrated in all its forms.
  • The citizens are engaged and taking an active role in the Learning activities.

For more information regarding the pillars, please refer to the following PDF (Pages WX – YZ):
Pillars of Learning