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What's Our Story?

Building a learning society is important to all New Brunswickers. We learn throughout every stage of life. We learn as a child, as a youth, as an adult, as an employee, as a family and as a senior.

Everyone benefits when citizens value learning. Learning introduces new ideas and philosophies that stimulate intellectual thinking, enhances creativity, and increases understanding and respect for others. Learning also enhances quality of life by increasing the ability to participate more fully in society. It is critical in finding a career path and retaining a job, especially in an environment where technology is constantly changing. This puts pressure on us to maintain the skill requirements we need to perform effectively. And learning plays an important role in maintaining physical and mental health.

We invite all New Brunswickers to get involved to help New Brunswick become a learning society. That is why we recently launched Learning: Everybody's Project.

This is the citizen-led engagement initiative launched to engage New Brunswickers in a collaborative process to help shape a `culture of learning'. [Click here ...]

Through this public engagement initiative, participants will:

  • share information and learn more about learning in New Brunswick,
  • get a better understanding of how learning affects everyone,
  • hear other people's ideas about how to create a province that values lifelong learning,
  • decide what things can be done to make New Brunswick The Learning Province of Canada,
  • agree on who will do the things that need to be done and when they will do them,
  • agree on a way to be sure that these things are being done, and,
  • agree on a way to check to see if, by doing these things, New Brunswick is on the road to becoming The Learning Province of Canada.

Learn: For Life!

Leran: For Life! Cover

In 2010 the NB2026 Initiative on Learning was born. The aim of this initiative was two-fold: Firstly, to engage New Brunswickers in a discussion about learning in all its form and secondly, to affect a culture change – towards a culture of learning.

The document linked here is the result of many months of passionate discussions by citizens about how we can change our culture to place more value on lifelong learning. It’s a testament to the tireless dedication from thousands of citizens, who have given their time and talent to this process, from every sector and region of our province. The proposed actions within its pages reflect the ideas and suggestions of New Brunswickers who were asked to consider what would help our province become a national leader in learning.

It will now serve as the basis for discussions and decisions in the next phase of NB2026 Initiative on Learning citizen engagement process – the Provincial Forum – which will be held on November 5 and 6, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Lord Beaverbrook Hotel in Fredericton.

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