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What’s Our Story?

Building a learning society is important to all New Brunswickers. We learn throughout every stage of life. We learn as a child, as a youth, as an adult, as an employee, as a family and as a senior. Everyone benefits when citizens value learning. Learning introduces new ideas and philosophies that stimulate intellectual thinking, enhances creativity, and increases understanding and respect for others. Read More

Through this public engagement initiative, participants will:

  • share information and learn more about learning in New Brunswick,
  • get a better understanding of how learning affects everyone,
  • hear other people’s ideas about how to create a province that values lifelong learning,
  • decide what things can be done to make New Brunswick The Learning Province of Canada,
  • agree on who will do the things that need to be done and when they will do them,
  • agree on a way to be sure that these things are being done, and,
  • agree on a way to check to see if, by doing these things, New Brunswick is on the road to becoming The Learning Province of Canada.

A Learning Agenda: 2013 – 2018

The Learning: Everybody’s Project was developed to engage citizens and organizations in a process and to facilitate a culture of Learning in making New Brunswick the Learning Province of Canada.Read More

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